Having wholly-owned factories at 3 locations in Chennai, each specializing in a particular line of products and with enormous investment on each of the facility and the restructuring of internal manufacturing process enables us to have a 100% in-house production line to meet the increasing demands from our customers.

Our in-house product designing & mould design department has enabled us to accumulate wealth of design & manufacturing techniques. As a result, we are able to produce high quality stainless steel products according to our customers’ requirements and develop various types of products independently. On top of the 425 plus items in our portfolio, we now have more items being developed every day.

With over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing steel ware, skilled & qualified workforce, use of advanced equipment & tools all contribute to our stainless steel products to be regarded as perfect combinations of art and craftwork.

Our facility is equipped with most modern machines available in manufacturing of stainless steel ware including:

Hydraulic double Press

Hydraulic Cutting Press

Automatic Beading Machine

Spot Welding Machine

Automatic Induction Annealing Machine

Grinding & Polishing Machine

Die Casting Machines

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