CHENNAI one of the 4 Metropolitan cities of India is also a major commercial, cultural, economic and educational center in South India. Chennai offers a competitive advantage to the manufacturing and the logistics with its proximity to not just one but three seaports, International Airport, 4 National Highways, Railways This strategic position of this site is unmatched by any location in the country. This helps our customers save a large amount of transportation/logistics cost & time.

Port of Chennai
The Port of Chennai on the east coast is strategically located and well connected with major parts of the world; it is today a major Indian Port. Continuous modernization, efficient services at minimum cost, simple and integrated procedures and user-friendly approach makes this all-weather port a popular choice. It currently has oil terminals, iron ore terminals and a container terminal. The container terminal has direct services to United states, Europe, Australia etc.. With a handling capacity of 950000 TEUs.

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